Secure Your 邮件 at a Post Office

Keep your personal or small business mail safe with a Post Office 盒子 (宝箱), a locked mailbox within a Post Office 设施. You can rent a 邮政信箱 in a few steps:

  1. 网上申请: Find, reserve, and pay for a box at a Post Office near you.
  2. Pick up your keys in person: 带着填妥的申请表和两种身份证件到邮局(你的信箱所在的地方)领取钥匙.
  3. Get mail at your convenience: Flexible hours allow you to check your 邮政信箱 on your schedule.

已经有一个邮箱了? 管理你的邮箱


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Get your mail on your schedule, 你的方式, with a range of 邮政信箱 sizes and rental terms of 3-, 6-, 和12个月.


Most Post Offices have 5 邮政信箱 sizes, depending on availability*. Sizes range from extra small (XS – Size 1) to extra large (XL – Size 5). 根据邮件类型(信件大小的邮件或包裹)以及您收到的邮件和包裹数量选择您的邮政信箱大小.

Larger Packages for 阿宝的盒子

If you get packages that don't fit into your 邮政信箱, you'll either:

  • Get a slip to pick them up from the counter during normal business hours
  • Get your package from a secure parcel locker (including 美国邮政总局® 智能储物柜 at select locations) at your convenience

*Note: The depth of most 阿宝的盒子 is 14.75". All sizes not available in all locations. 价格 differ depending on your location.

Additional Benefits of Renting a 邮政信箱1


  • 24/7 邮政信箱 access at most Post Offices.
  • 街头寻址: Get a delivery address for packages from other carriers (including Amazon, DHL, 联邦快递, and UPS); subject to availability and restrictions.
  • 把你的签名存档,这样你就不用排队等候签收包裹了. When your signature is on file, 我们会将邮件放在您的邮政信箱或安全的包裹寄存柜中,以便您方便时取件.
  • 小型企业: Whether you've got a side hustle or a storefront, 找一个看起来很专业的地址,把你的个人生活和工作分开.


续订或管理 网上邮箱



Add an Existing 邮政信箱 to Your Online Account

If you already have a 邮政信箱, link it to your 美国邮政总局.com帐户 so you can easily manage it online.


通知交货 by 美国邮政总局

Bonus: Maximize your 邮政信箱 experience with the free 通知交货® feature for eligible personal and business accounts. 预览收到的信件大小的邮件,跟踪包裹,并在去管理交付.



Get a new 邮政信箱 at a Post Office 设施 for as low as $4.83 per month, depending on your location. Reserve a box with your existing or new 美国邮政总局.com帐户.





邮政信箱是安全的, 邮局里有编号的信箱,你的邮件在你取信前都放在那里.

I would like to open a 邮政信箱. 步骤是什么??

To open your 邮政信箱 online:

步骤1: 使用“查找您附近的邮政信箱”下的搜索栏搜索您附近的邮局位置."

步骤2: 选择一个邮局的位置,并选择您想要的邮政信箱大小和付款期限.

步骤3: Complete the online application form, accept the Terms & 条件, enter your billing and payment information, and review and submit your application to reserve your 邮政信箱.

步骤4: 列印已填妥的表格,并把表格交回信箱所在的邮政局柜位, 随着 2 可接受U的形式.S. 识别 (within 30 days of submitting your online application). 在零售助理验证您的身份之后,您将获得您的邮政信箱密钥.

To apply for a 邮政信箱 in person at a Post Office:

步骤1: Optional Time-Saving Tip: If you have a printer, download "PS Form 1093, Application for Post Office 盒子 Service," Application for Post Office 盒子 Service, 请填写, then print it out (note: if you apply for a 邮政信箱 online, this form is automatically generated). Bring the completed form with you to the Post Office.

步骤2: Bring your payment and 2 可接受U的形式.S. 识别 去邮局,告诉柜台的零售人员你想申请一个邮政信箱.

What if the 邮政信箱 I want is not available?

You have a few options: You can choose another box size, find a box at a different location, or request to be added to the wait list (online or at a Post Office). If you request to be added to the wait list, 您的名字将被放置在您所要求的位置的盒子尺寸列表上. We'll contact you via an email or phone call when the box becomes available. 然后你有2天的时间来预订,然后它就会被送到等待名单上的下一个人那里.

Can I get a 邮政信箱 in a different city or state?

是的,你可以. 然而, you are still required to visit the Post Office where your box is located, with the proper documentation, to pick up your 邮政信箱 keys or combination.


What options do I have for making a payment on my 邮政信箱?

You have 4 different options for making a 邮政信箱 payment:

  • Online with a credit or debit card. Go to the 阿宝的盒子 Online application 并点击 "更新" to go to the "管理邮箱" page. 然后,单击 "更新邮箱" to make a one-time payment. This feature is available 30 days before your next payment is due. 还要注意, when paying with a credit or debit card, 您可以在我们的系统中安全地存储最多3张信用卡或借记卡.
  • Pay at a self-service kiosk (SSK): You can find an SSK using 查找美国邮政总局地址.
  • 邮寄付款: 发送 a check or money order payable to "U.S. Postal Service" to the Postmaster where your 邮政信箱 is located. (Include your 邮政信箱 number on the memo line of the check.)
  • 亲自付款: 到邮政信箱所在的邮局付款,使用现金、支票、信用卡或借记卡.

How frequently do I have to pay for my 邮政信箱?

When you're ready to pay for your 邮政信箱, you have 3 payment term options: 3 months, 6个月, 或者12个月. 3个月的付款期限要求注册自动续订,不得选择退出. 但是,如果您选择6个月或12个月的期限,您可以选择退出自动续订.

Can I renew my 邮政信箱 online, or do I have to do it in person?

There are 4 ways you can renew your 邮政信箱:

  • Online with a credit or debit card. Go to the 阿宝的盒子 Online application 并点击 更新, which will take you to the "管理邮箱" page. 然后,单击 更新邮箱. This feature is available 30 days before your next payment is due.
  • At a self-service kiosk. 找一个售货亭.
  • 邮寄续期. 发送 a check or money order payable to "U.S. Postal Service" to the Postmaster where your 邮政信箱 is located. (Include your 邮政信箱 number on the memo line of the check.)
  • Visit the Post Office where your box is located. Pay by cash, check, or credit card.

When do I need to pay my 邮政信箱 account renewal fee?

You must make payments by the 10th of the month the payment is due. 如果您不支付这笔款项,您的邮箱将在本月11日关闭.

Are 邮政信箱 rental fees eligible for a refund?

You pay for a full rental period at the beginning; however, if you decide to close your box, you'll get a partial refund depending on how long you've had the box. See full details on refunds.

访问 & Services for Your 邮政信箱

I recently opened a 邮政信箱. How do I get my 邮政信箱 number and the keys for my box?

Once you've reserved your box, completed the 邮政信箱 application (PS Form 1093), 支付租金, 并到你的信箱所在的邮政局柜位核实你的两份有效身份证明表格, you'll get 2 keys for your box. If you need more than 2 keys, you can request more for an additional fee.

Can I access my 邮政信箱 any time of the day?

Most 邮政信箱 locations allow 24/7 access to your 邮政信箱; however, hours vary by Post Office location. Look up the hours for the 设施 where your 邮政信箱 is located.

I am a small business owner. Are there any additional services I can get with my 邮政信箱?

If you are a small business owner, a few great services are available for you, including Caller Service, 专为那些在一个地点有超过5个邮政信箱的客户或那些收到的邮件比最大的邮政信箱多的客户设计的. If there is an overflow of mail, we'll hold the mail for you to pick up at a time that works best for you. Learn more about services available for 小型企业.

Can I change my business account to a personal account or vice-versa?

You can change your personal account to a business account: Go to 你的资料 并点击 编辑. In the upper right-hand corner, click Change to 业务 Account to switch your personal account to a business account.

If you currently have a 美国邮政总局.. Com的商业帐户,您不能将您的商业帐户更改为个人帐户. 相反,你需要创建一个新的、独立的个人账户,并重新验证你的身份.

How do I manage my 邮政信箱 account online?

Select 管理邮箱, sign in, and you can:

  • 打开一个新的邮政信箱
  • Add an existing 邮政信箱 to your online account
  • Add or manage the credit card you use for payment
  • 编辑 your User Profile
  • View your online payment history

What is 街头寻址 and how can I get it for my 邮政信箱?

考虑添加到您的邮政信箱的另一项十大网堵平台是街道地址. With 街头寻址 (if available), 您可以选择使用邮局所在地的街道地址, combined with your 邮政信箱 number, as your mailing address. This lets you receive packages from private carriers (such as UPS, 联邦快递, DHL, 和亚马逊), as long as they comply with 美国邮政总局 mailing standards. See the Customer Agreement for more details.

How do I close a 邮政信箱 if I move?

You can close a 邮政信箱 by going to 管理邮箱, signing in to your account, 并点击ing the 关闭/请求退款 框旁边的链接. 您也可以通过通知您信箱所在邮局的零售助理,要求关闭邮政信箱. Once a box is closed, be sure to submit a 更改地址 (COA) form. Depending on where you close your box, 该表格将在网上您的关闭/退款确认页面或由邮局的零售人员提供. Your mail can be forwarded to your new address for up to one year.

Can I receive items that need a signature to my 邮政信箱?

是的. For deliveries that require a signature, we'll leave a delivery notice inside your 邮政信箱, and you'll go to the counter to sign for and pick up your package. 如果你注册了免费的文件签名十大网堵平台,我们会把邮件留在你的邮箱里.



1. Additional services not available at all Post Office locations. 回来^